Case Studies – Insurance

Case Studies

Company Overview and Key facts

  • Our Customer is the Australia’s largest insurance group with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. They are one of the longest-standing users of the Ariba solutions in Australia
  • Our Customer’s spend under management is over $800m per annum with approximately 4,000 total suppliers. They have more than 10,000 employees located across various geographies

Business Challenge

  • As an industry leader, the Customer is focused on driving innovation and growth while adhering to regulatory, risk, compliance and quality management controls which need to be embedded within their key business functions such as Procurement, IT and Finance
  • The Customer identified that their Procurement solution (Ariba) was overdue for an upgrade and end users found it cumbersome to use as the systems were not aligned to the business processes. This situation lead to low user up-take, significant inefficiencies due to manual workarounds and lack of executive level visibility on key spend
  • The project objectives were to simplify business process, transform the end-user experience into more of a retail-style shopping experience to influence better purchasing practices without mandating a policy change. This clearly articulated vision helped to steer the course of the project and achieve an amazing outcome

Project Summary

  • The project was structured in two phases. The first phase involved a technical upgrade of the Ariba solution and the second phase focused on transforming the end user experience and simplifying the business processes
  • Our team was engaged to provide independent advice and supplement the project team with specialist project management, procurement and Ariba resources
  • We worked closely with key business and IT stakeholders and provided general project and change management support, procurement process advice, quality assurance, and business deployment services. Our team also supported the design and implementation of the Ariba guided buying solution to improve the end-user experience
  • The Customer’s desired outcome was to influence a behavioural change across the organisation to drive a true transformation. This was achieved through effective engagement with key stakeholders, expert advice and putting our Customers’ interests at the fore-front in all project decisions
  • Our team played a key role in development of fit-for-purpose Procurement solution content, engagement and change management internally within the Customer’s organisation as well as with their suppliers

Business Result

  • The project has been a resounding success and our Customer is leading the way in procurement solution innovation
  • The project has been recognised by several other Ariba customers and also SAP Ariba as a showcase deployment
  • Our Customer’s end users have provided significant positive feedback as they find using the new Ariba solution simple and effective. This is reflected in the user adoption and spend metrics